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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Last Blog! :(

Second Life is still unreal to me. I can understand how people find friendship and such, but the idea of doing business through this software is still a mystery to me. I just wish the graphics were better and make everything fast! I think I will continue to log in into Second Life to see what else I can experience there. Oh, speaking of experience...I got in trouble by a Linden yesterday! It was dumb. I bought a free snowball thrower and I started throwing snowballs at random people . Then this one guy told me to stop, so I stopped and teleported somewhere else. A few minutes late I got teleported back to that place where that guy was and a Linden person told me not to throw snowballs at him. Lol..what the heck? He went on about how he was told that I was causing some kind of disturbance. I thought it was so ridiculous. Then some guy that owned the island banned me from there. I said, "So, I don't get a warning, huh?". Then on the bottom of the screen it said, "You have 15 seconds to leave.". Hah! Anywho..

I enjoyed meeting on Second Life for our class on Thursday. It was so much easier to just wake up and turn on my laptop next to my bed instead of doing the morning routine. I think having class on Second Life is a lot different. First of all, it's informal and that enables the class to ask more questions and learn better. As for me, I don't like asking questions outloud because I don't like attention. In Second Life, I could simply ask a question by just typing. I guess I had more confidence or something. No eyes literally on me. Although I did notice that when someone typed, the heads turned toward the person. I thought that was kind of interesting.

Social Issues in Networked Society is a great class to have on Second Life. Obviously because Second Life is related to the class. It may be different for courses such as mathematics and science because I believe that people learn by hands on experience. Watching a video or listening to an audio through Second Life may not be enough.

David's avatar was the hilarious! He was probably the most creative one that I saw. I like how he didn't choose an avatar that looked like him and how he made himself funny looking. It was difficult to figure out who was who, except the ones we saw on class.

I thought our guest speaker was going to be a Linden, but it was a Second Life regular. From her stories, I assumed that she is like any other Second Life user. Meeting people and doing businesses. Her honesty about her second life shocked me. I would think that her second life is private, but I guess that is why they call is Second Life. It's not their real lives, it's their second. Also I was surprised that she said she was a teacher. When she first came and started talking to Joe, she used those online short term words like "roflmao" which I thought was hilarious. I thought only teens or youngens knew that word! I also looked at her profile and saw a picture of her "first life" and I was like, "Wow, she looks like a church going Mom. " I think it's nice to have a second life on Second Life. It gives people a break from the real world. Keep them sane maybe.

If Second Life is used by so many, why haven't I heard about it until now? Maybe it's still new and underground. Who knows, maybe Second Life will pop up years from now and I'll be proud to say, "Hey! I know about Second Life years a go!" Hah. As for now, I'd play Second Life every now and then. I like playing games, so Second Life is something I will play.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Second Life

Roxy Handayani is the name.

Playing Second Life reminded me a lot of the game Sims. The major difference is that Sims is really just a game and Second Life is an online virtual world. I never knew heard of SecondLife until this class. I’m surprised how popular it became in only six years. I think that tells a lot about how the world is improving technology and how more and more people are capable of the internet and computers.

It’s hard to believe that people actually pay virtual land with US dollars. I still can’t grasp the idea that people do business on Second Life. I’m not familiar with Second Life. Yeah, it’s convenient, but there are some disadvantages about working for a living in Second Life. An example would be that an employee could sit for hours in front of a computer and could possibly forget about the real world.


I don’t know if you can change the settings of the controls, but I wish the controls were more than just using the directional pads. Maybe using the mouse to look around and the directional pads to walk forward, backwards and strafe from side to side, kind of like most games.

The part of Second Life that I spent a lot time on was my avatar’s appearance. I thought about creating an alter ego avatar, but then I realized I could only choose the basic ones. So, I chose one that looked more like me, but thinner and taller! :)

I’m pretty sure that people make themselves look fabulous online. It’s kind of like free plastic surgery.

So after creating my avatar, I began teleporting around where most populated places are or the "popular" places. Then I went to search for places where I can get free clothing and such. I was trying on different appearances and became frustrated because I didn't know how to go back to my original look. Yeah...but 30 min later I found out.

Then I went to a club where people were actually dancing and having conversations at the same time! I asked how to dance, but no one replied to me!

I talked to a some people...a few were nice and helpful.

How do you choose an animal avatar in the game?

Man, Second Life is a little addicting. I think it's because of how fun it is to change appearances. I wouldn't want to make friends through Second Life. It's a little weird for me. I will chat with them, but that's it.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gender & Internet

Gender is still a big issue for women when it comes to the Internet.

Why is it shocking for a girl to know her way around the World Wide Web?

Or a girl who knows how to and is good at playing PC games?

Why are they treated differently compared to men?

In my experience, most men are naive and closed-minded. They will automatically think that a female has less knowledge compared to men.

The one time that I switched genders is when I was playing Counter-strike. (Yeah, I always mention that game because I've played it a lot of times in the past.) The reason why I did this was because I was basically being harassed online. Once they find out that I'm a girl, they're shocked. Then they just start saying rude comments and asking me perverted questions. Why should I have to deal with this? The easy way out is just to pretend like I'm a guy. I blend in with the crowd and I'm not center of attention anymore.

When will there be a time where women are treated equally as men? It will take a very long time or it may not even happen at all. It's been so long that men are suppose to do certain things and women are suppose to do certain things. We can only blame what has happened in the past that made us think about gender discriminations.

Overall, men and women should not be seen differently through the Internet because gender should not discriminate one's opinions and thoughts.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

XBOX 360

My boyfriend got his XBOX 360 this week. He ordered it online from Ebay, that and everything else that goes along with the console. The headset, Xbox live, webcam, a game, and an extra controller. He's happy.

Until I screwed up his game.

I simply lifted the dang system and as it tilted the CD went out of place and made this sound which I knew messed it up. I assumed the CD should of stayed in place like placing a CD in a CD player. I was wrong. The game was damaged pretty bad.

Shouldn't a high valued system have some kind of protection against those type of situations? I guess the Xbox 360 was meant to be positioned horizantally which I think sucks! (The picture even placed it vertically! WTH) The Playstation 2 can stand up vertically! Come on, technology shouldn't let this happen! I've read some forums and a lot of people were having the same problems. Although some people did say that the system works perfectly fine vertically.

I found this on

Xbox 360 not designed to play games in vertical position

Those aren't my words, but those of a customer service representative. When someones Xbox 360 stopped playing games, he was told to orient the console horizontally, which fixed the problems. Microsoft wont fix his Xbox 360, because apparently it was never designed to play games vertically! Crazy stuff.

another user said "why the hell would they advertise it vertically on almost every if not all peices of propaganda they release?"

here's another fellow: "If you seriously believe that the Xbox 360 is not meant to play games in a vertical position you are incredibly retarded.

I have spoken with them and I can assure you that Microsoft's customer service representatives are morons. Do not believe anything these idiots tell you over the phone.

I've been playing my Xbox 360 games in the vertical position for almost 3 weeks now without any problems. "

I let technology fool me. That type of mindset will get people into trouble. Assuming that technology will save us from our mistakes.

Friday, November 03, 2006


The opposers of computers and technology seems closed-minded. They only focus on the negative side of the story. It makes me irritated to read what they have to say about their views of technology. They could do and say whatever they want, but today's world is growing mainly because of technology and if they refuse to accept it, they can pretty much rot and will become uncapable of living in today's world and the future.

"Portable laptop computers can provide students with disabilities access to writing in many settings."

It's obvious to see that the world has advanced so much in just a few years, even a few months. Everything is always updating! For example, softwares, computers, digital cameras, cellular phones, televisions, automobiles, and I can go on and on. It doesn't make sense for the Luddites to say, "people in the past have lived without technology, we can, too" or something like that. It's not even comparable. The past is a different time. If time traveling was available, a person from the past can time traveled to today and it will be very difficult for them to adjust. They need the time and patience to know how to deal with technology because they aren't used to it. The same thing goes if a person from today time traveled to the past. They are so used to shortcuts and using technology to help them that they will most likely to forget how to do things the old fasion way. If the Luddites truly lived their lives without technology, they will not have a successful life because a lot of careers require the skill to use technology.

I remember reading a magazine article about how Japan's internet speed is ten times faster than the U.S. It's crazy! I don't know a lot about Japan, but I think they have the latest technology. They always upgrade to a new and better idea. Even soda flavors are invented every month, or so I heard. I know that in some developing countries, they want to have the technological advances that other countries have. People in the Philippines always admire the Americans. They admire their culture and tradition. My Dad has a satelliete dish in which he can watch "The Filipino Channel" and what see all the time is that they mimic game shows like Big Brother or other reality T.V. shows. It's kind of funny, but it shows how the Philippines is trying to catch up to technology.

Friday, October 27, 2006


The piracy issue is difficult to have an opinion on. There's a lot of different situations to consider. If a person that consumes tons of copyright software, music, and information, he/she should be fined or somewhat severely warned, right? What about those who rarely "steal" music and softwares? Those people are hard to catch. Should they be severely punished the same way compared to the person that is addicted to downloading music, movies, and softwares? Well they should, in the sense that they're both committing the same crime. Although the intensity of each person's action is different. Should the amount of stuff they do determine what kind of punishment they get? It seems rational, but the people who rarely commit this crime won't be up for it. They probably won't fess up or they would think that it's not a big deal because they only download a couple of songs and they're probably not going to get caught. Then there's another issue of morality. It's wrong to just take someone's hard work and not give back. I'm a person that holds true to my morals, but why is it that I don't feel like I'm stealing with I'm downloading a couple of songs? I think it's because so many people do it, that it seems natural already. If I really think about it, it is wrong, but i guess not wrong enough for me to stop. I don't even know what I meant by "wrong enough". I guess what I meant to say was if I take and take a lot then that'll be the point where it's time to stop.

Internet security is never perfect. Anyone can always find a way to go around the red rope. It's going to take a while to strictly monitor illegal sharing.

I looked through the class blogs and the one that I liked the most was : The content of her posts are somewhat different from others. She talks casually and truly believes in her topic.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


I wasn't familiar with Craigslist until my sister told me she bought a wireless keyboard and mouse for a good deal. She would mention it to me once in a while because I always talked about buying stuff for my computer. I thought Craigslist was another one of those Ebay websites. I never accustomed myself to online shopping. Because of class, I know a lot more about Craigslist. Like the guy said in the movie, it's pretty much like classifieds. Even though I know more about Craigslist than before, I don't think it'll encourage me to use it. I don't spend a lot of time on the internet to use Craigslist. If I am desperate, than I'd use Craigslist. Maybe they could change the layout of the website to attract more people. I don't know. What I like about Craigslist is how it's a community based website. People contribute their opinions, their ideas, their time, and their stuff. Maybe if Craigslist was more secure, I'd use it more often. I don't like the idea of meeting up with a stranger over a good deal on a computer or something.